100% EOU Unit
Minerals constitute the very important factor in economic growth of any nation and India has been eminently endowed with this gift of nature. There are many evidence that exploitation of minerals like coal, iron-ore, Magnesium, Dolomite, copper, lead-zinc has been going on in the country from time immemorial. Among the mineral producers, Vijaya mineral exports is the country's 100% Export Oriented Unit located in state of Karnataka, India.

Certification from IBM
IBM - Indian Bureau of Mines says that this mining plant is known as 'Jewel of mines' located in India. The seven important minerals of Vijaya mining plant are Iron ore, magnesium dioxide, Lime stone, Dolomite, Red Oxide, Yellow oxide and Quartz.

Demand of Iron Ore
China has been the world's largest iron ore consuming nation since 1992 and, in recent years, has attained a dominant position. Due to demand of Iron Ore in China for the past few years, the Partnership firm wish to enter into firm tie up with reputed buyers for supply of Iron Ore.

Mine Location
The company is setting up a state of art manufacturing facilities Mine at Doddabyl Adakere (DB Kere),Hosa Durga Taluk, Chitra Durga District, Karnataka-INDIA.

The name is already well known in Middle East, Europe and China. With progressive industrialisation the demand for and hence the production of various minerals gradually went up, the partners have been traveled and established contact in various countries since 1960.


"Vijaya mineral exports policy is to implement and retain a quality system that meets all requirements of International Standard Organisation (ISO). Vijaya mineral exports assure high quality minerals that met competitive in mining industry and expectations of Global buyers."

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