Vision and Mission
"Vijaya mineral exports policy is to implement and retain a quality system that meets all the requirements of International Standard Organisation (ISO). Vijaya mineral exports assure high quality minerals that met all competitive factors in mining industry and expectations from its customers." Vijaya mineral exports keeps strong and long term relationships with buyers and committed to export high quality minerals.

Working closely with operating, technical and logistics groups, Vijaya mineral exports first develops an understanding of customers' requirement, based on that we tailor the production with consistency in quality.

In Vijaya mineral exports, new tools have been made available for operation, maintenance and administrative personal which allow each group to better fulfill its responsibilities and commitments.

Vijaya mineral exports seeks market opportunities which will provide a solid revenue base involving splendid relationships as well as geographical and product diversity.


Indian Bureau of Mines
IBM - Indian Bureau of Mines says that this particular mining place is known as 'Jewel of mines' located in India which has Iron ore, magnesium dioxide, Lime stone, Dolomite, Red Oxide, Yellow oxide and Quartz.

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